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The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, a museum in the system of Vietnam's national museums, is considered as a museum that occupies the most important position in maintaining and promoting the treasures of Vietnamese cultural and artistic heritage. Visitors to the Museum can appreciate and understand the entire history of Vietnamese fine arts through the collections and exhibitions on display. The presentation of our permanent collections of important works of Vietnamese art offer the public unique insights into the culture and history of the Vietnam's ethnic communities.

As regulated in the Decision 37/2004/QD-BVHTT dated June 28, 2004 of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum has the following basic functions:

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is a cultural information and educational institution, directly affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Information, with the function of conserving and exhibiting historic and contemporary art works, archaeological and historical materials, and objects important to the history and nation of Vietnam.

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is a national museum having legal status, its own stamp and account at the State Treasury and bank.

The duties of the Museum have also been regulated as follows:

href="http://vnfam.vn/. Submit to the Minister the development plan, long-term and annual operations plan of the Museum and implement upon approval.

2. Conduct study of the fine arts of Vietnam, throughout historical eras and among ethnic communities, through the materials and objects in the collection of the Museum in compliance with its functions and duties.

3. Collect, inventory, conserve, display and introduce materials and objects about the fine arts history of Vietnam's ethnic communities.

4. Instruct and serve domestic and foreign visitors to visit and study at the Museum; implement education programs on the fine arts history of Viet and ethnic communities through the materials and objects in the collection of the Museum.

5. Conduct research and incorporate scientific, technological advancements into Museum operations.

6. Provide professional instruction to museums, galleries, collectors, scholars and national heritage administrators in compliance with the museum's functions and duties according to the order of the Ministry of Culture and Information, and upon the request of localities, organizations, and individuals.

7. Adopt materials, objects, collections of intangible cultural heritage, relics, antiques, and precious objects of the nation relating to fine arts history which are presented or national importance relating to the history of fine arts which are presented or authorized to keep by organizations and individuals in accordance with the law.

8. Implement the transfer of materials and objects according to regulations; provide their duplication according to the assigned duties and the law.

9. Assist education activities including technical, professional training of typical traditional handicrafts, support exhibitions of artisan, artists who keep the professional know-how and contribute to protect, wide spread traditional handicrafts.

10. Carry out international cooperation according to the plan of the Ministry of Culture - Information and the law .

11. Organize cultural, amusement, entertainment in comply with the function and duty of the Museum and  lawful regulations.

12. Collect fees and manage, use them according to the law.

13. Ensure the security and safety in the Museum's management area

14. Manage the organization mechanism, cadre, and laborers and realize policies for them according to regulations of the State and the Ministry's decentralized administration.

15. Manage, use the finance, asset and other revenues according to the regulations of the State

16. Implement other tasks assigned by the Minister of Culture - Information.




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